CHIC - TV Show "Rhythm 'N Rap" (1983) including TV Show "Freeze Frame" (1981)

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CHIC - TV Show "Rhythm 'N Rap" (1983) including TV Show "Freeze Frame" (1981)

Post by alex » 16 Jul 2022, 04:19

I had only seen some excerpts of this TV Show "Rhythm 'N Rap" from 1983, which including TV Show "Freeze Frame" from 1981 (JOHNNY MATHIS "I Love My Lady" album session, interview recorded in the same session and DEBBIE HARRY "KooKoo" album session), now I saw much more, I did not see the entire video because YouTube cut a snippet that would go from 15 minutes and 8 seconds to 17 minutes and 22 seconds of the complete video, but what appears in this almost complete video (85 percent more or less) is sensational, some images I had never seen before, a real pleasure for all CHIC ORGANIZATION fans in the world.

CHIC - TV Show "Rhythm 'N Rap" (1983) including TV Show "Freeze Frame" (1981) (20 minutes and 57 seconds)

■ Credits:

● Executive Producers:

● Producer/Editor:

● Director Cinematograher:

● Associate Director:
- NANCY HUANG (future girlfriend of NILE RODGERS and future associate in several NILE RODGERS projects)

● Special Thanks:
- Atlantic Records

● Copyright 1983


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Re: CHIC - TV Show "Rhythm 'N Rap" (1983) including TV Show "Freeze Frame" (1981)

Post by frenchic » 16 Jul 2022, 13:04

Great find Alex :D !

l found this video many years ago on Youtube but it disappeared !!
A gem for every CHIC Fan.

I think Brunette Nancy Huang (born Nancy Stoddart) is not to be confused with blonde Nancy Hunt the longtime and current Nile's girlfriend.
Read about Nile & Nancy Huang : ... AXoECA8QAw

Nile & Nancy Huang
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Re: CHIC - TV Show "Rhythm 'N Rap" (1983) including TV Show "Freeze Frame" (1981)

Post by alex » 16 Jul 2022, 21:23

frenchic, I remember seeing in 2005 two other videos that were recorded on this day of this session of the JOHNNY MATHIS album "I Love My Lady". These two unreleased videos at the time were found by FONZI THORNTON at the same time he found 16 unreleased demos from CHIC ORGANIZATION (among these 16 demos were demos by JOHNNY MATHIS, FONZI THORNTON, SISTER SLEDGE and CHIC). The list with the names of these 16 demos found by FONZI was never released, but I believe that 3 of these demos were the 2 instrumental demos of the song "Spacer" by the group SHEILA & B. DEVOTION and the instrumental demo of the song "Love And Be Loved " by JOHNNY MATHIS, which was later sent by NILE to THE SHAPESHIFTERS in 2006, which the group used as the basis for creating the song "Sensitivity" together with CHIC (NILE RODGERS). As for the videos found by FONZI, one had this excerpt that we see from the song "Love And Be Loved" by JOHNNY MATHIS, but without narration in the excerpt, but with the original audio in the studio (you could hear BERNARD making fun of FONZI with the paper that had the lyrics to the song) and the other one had the full interview with NILE and BERNARD in the studio that same day, so there were other snippets of the interview that didn't show in the video we're watching now. These two videos were delivered by FONZI for NILE to make available on the official website that he had at the time and which is currently disabled, unfortunately I never watched these two videos again.

Regarding NANCY HUANG you are right, not to confuse it with the current wife of NILE RODGERS, NANCY HUNT, but NANCY HUANG was also NILE's girlfriend, the interview you sent in the link is from the beginning of the year 1986 and says that they were already dating for 3 years, this dating starting around the time the TV Show from 1983 was recorded, she worked at Atlantic Records since 1978 and it was there that she met NILE, as everything in the life of NILE RODGERS is amazing and unusual, he first dated a "brunette" NANCY and then a "blonde" NANCY.

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