JEFF BECK - Flash Outtakes (Multi Track Master - 2CD)

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JEFF BECK - Flash Outtakes (Multi Track Master - 2CD)

Post by alex » 02 Nov 2020, 19:21

I always wanted to have the album "Flash Works" (2CD) from 1998, but the album "Flash Outtakes" (Multi Track Master - 2CD) released now in 2020 is even better because it is more complete and has a better quality, this album is a collection of studio treasures with 10 songs, 25 takes, about 100 minutes of music, sessions produced by extraordinary NILE RODGERS at Power Station Studios, New York City, in 1984, a collection of hidden treasures with perfection even if mixed with a regular album. From the famous team of musicians from NILE RODGERS Productions of the mid 80s (1983-1987), ROB SABINO on keyboards/synthesizer and JIMMY BRALOWER on drum programming are playing in these sessions, as well as NILE RODGERS on guitars/vocals along with JEFF BECK also on guitars/vocals.

Description of the album release:

“FLASH” is an ambitious work that challenged the song after a long time with NILE RODGERS as the producer. The superb outtake master is newly excavated. An urgent release is decided with the permanent storage press 2CD.

[A completely different multi-track master from the previous release]. Such a work contains 25 takes, about 100 minutes of super fine stereo sound board recording. This is a collection of studio outtakes underway at “POWER STATION STUDIOS” in New York in 1984. If you’re an avid collector, you might think of the nostalgic “FLASH WORKS”, but this work is another new master of excavation. It’s not that there are takes that are very similar in some songs, but the sources are completely different and the sound has been significantly upgraded. The source is the original multitrack used in the studio. It is a 1/4 inch reel rough MIX tape produced from there → a cassette tape and a 2nd Gene Master that has been dubbed only twice. Please do not underestimate “What is the 2nd Gene?” After all, even if it is a genuine official work, it takes the stage of “multi → mix → mastering → stamper production” (this is just an example). In other words, in terms of genera, it is almost the same as the official work. In fact, the sound of this work speaks eloquently. The points of this kind of demo/outtake can be summarized in three major points: “sound”, “production stage”, and “tracks”, but the sound of this work is super beautiful. It’s a so-called “perfect official class”, but it’s more than that. There are variations in the finished version depending on the take, but if it is close to the finish version, it will be more vivid (!) than the product board. Even if the take is very similar to “FLASH WORKS”, there are no dubbing marks or tape twists, and it is a dimension that can be officially released as it is.

[A collection of hidden treasures with perfection even if mixed with a regular album]. Even if the sound is official, the contents are significantly different from the final version. The second point here is the “production stage”. There are various demo collections, from recording notes at the composition stage to mix differences looking for differences from the final board, but this work is a place like “Take difference / rough mix”. Even in the early stage, the song is firmly completed while taking a temporary take, and the one that is close to completion is also subjected to effect processing etc. (although it is different from the official take in one shot if you listen properly), it is randomly played with the final official version. There are many takes that do not feel strange. It is exactly the title “OUTTAKES”, not the “prototype” of the official board, but the “version difference”. The third and final “recorded song”. The completed album contains a total of 9 songs, but this work has a total of 10 songs and 25 takes. There are differences in the take of the same song, and I’m curious about unreleased songs. Let’s organize the contents here:

● “FLASH” songs (6 songs, 20 takes):
- "Ambitious" (2 takes) / "Escape" (4 takes) / "People Get Ready" (2 takes) / "Stop, Look And Listen" (4 takes) / "Get Workin'" (3 takes) / "Night After Night" (5 takes)

● Unreleased songs (4 songs, 5 takes):
- Same as the existing sound source: "Jeff’s Anthem" / "No Filet Mignon, Just Greens" / "Funk On The Nail"
- Others: "Unreleased Track" (2 takes)

…And this is how it looks. There are 25 takes, so I won’t explain the differences one by one, but each take is awesome. Even with the major song “People Get Ready”, it took 1 take in “FLASH WORKS”, but 2 takes in this work. Besides, both can be enjoyed with ROD STEWART’s vocals. Also, again, the unreleased songs “Jeff’s Anthem”, “No Filet Mignon, Just Greens” and “Funk On The Nail” that I heard in “FLASH WORKS” also have different sounds. That’s what makes me want to add it to the final album and make it an expansion board.

The above is a collection of studio treasures with 10 songs, 25 takes, and about 100 minutes. Although the sound quality is as thin as the official album, the mix and performance are different, and there are plenty of unreleased songs. It is exactly “another FLASH”, and it should be officially released as a 3-disc deluxe edition set with the final version. A semi-official decision board so far. Please enjoy it with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★★ Official high-quality stereo sound board. Content and sound quality that are not comparable to previous works. This is amazing.

(Remastered memo)
★ Only pitch adjustment and sound pressure adjustment were performed. The sound is too terrible to touch.

Disc 1 (33:32)
01. Night After Night
02. Jeff’s Anthem (Unreleased Song)
03. Get Workin’
04. Night After Night
05. Ambitious
06. Escape
07. Unreleased Track (Unreleased Song)
08. Escape

Disc 2 (66:44)
01. Escape
02. People Get Ready
03. Stop, Look And Listen
04. Stop, Look And Listen
05. Night After Night
06. Stop, Look And Listen
07. Get Workin’
08. Ambitious
09. No Filet Mignon, Just Greens (Unreleased Song)
10. Unreleased Track (Unreleased Song)
11. Funk On The Nail (Unreleased Song)
12. Get Workin’
13. Night After Night
14. Stop, Look And Listen
15. People Get Ready
16. Night After Night
17. Escape


Link (has a sample where there are excerpts of some tracks, the quality is great): ... ck-master/
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